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Paid for Itself In Six Months

"In 1993,I attended a series of dental seminars put on by Dr. Peter Emily and it made me realize the importance of dentistry for animals. I eventually decided to pursue Diplomat status from the American Veterinary Dental College and in 1995, invested in a digital dental radiography system. I was the first person in Colorado to have a digital dental system and I chose EVA Vet. I found that the EVA Vet software was very easy to understand. It was very intuitive to use and I was even able to make my own dental charts without additional instruction. I have always trusted it to provide good quality diagnostic images. I was able to pay for the digital system in about 6 months because I was taking more radiographs, which led me to do more work that I previously missed. I strongly feel the average two doctor practice should be able to return their investment in 4-6 months. If you are planning on getting a digital dental system, the EVA Vet system with ViewAII 3.2 Acquisition Software is a great choice at a great price. One piece of advice would be to make sure that you get training in positioning techniques, available from IWV. Most of the problems with dental radiology is a result of poor positioning of the sensor. No digital system is a cure for poor positioning."

Clarence Sitzman, DVM Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists, Loveland, CO

Quality Diagnostic Images

"As a pioneer in the veterinary dental industry, I have been using the EVA Vet Classic sensor from IWV since 2004. It's one that I trust to use for all of my veterinary dental projects around the world – I’ve even used it during my work on exotic animals at places like the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO. I can always count on the EVA Vet Classic sensor to quickly provide me with quality diagnostic images and the technical support from IWV to back it up. I'm confident that my veterinary colleagues who buy it will agree. I highly recommend the EVA Vet sensor from IWV to all that are looking for fast, reliable digital sensors at an affordable price."

Peter Emily, DDS, Hon. AVDC, Peter Emily Foundation, Lakewood, CO

Impressed by Improved Image Quality

"I recently upgraded our digital dental radiography software from ProImage to ViewAll 3.2 at our feline specialty practice. I was impressed by how much our image quality improved. The ViewAll 3.2 software is also more user friendly than ProImage. We take pride in offering high quality feline dentistry for our patients and perform full mouth radiographs with every dental procedure. I am pleased that working with IWV will allow us to continue to improve the quality of care we provide."

Jan Yaroslav, Chico Hospital for Cats, Chico, CA

High Return on Investment

"I have owned the IWV dental EVA Vet system since 2003. In that time, we have taken complete oral radiographs of approximately 7,500 patients. When I looked at the revenue this little EVA Vet device has generated for my practice, I was amazed … almost $550,000! I can’t think of a single piece of equipment that I use in my hospital that has generated such a high return on investment. I am also pleased to say that whenever I have called Customer Service at IWV, they have always been extremely nice to work with. There are other systems out there, but this product has served me so well over the past decade that I would not consider changing it."

Dr. Ken Simmons, Simmons Veterinary Hospital, Lake Worth, FL

Significantly Increased Our Revenue

"We were able to significantly increase our revenue after obtaining our EVA Vet digital dental x-ray System. It has paid for itself within one year. My clients can see the added value in dentistry when we show them the dental x-rays from our EVA Vet system. They are always impressed and it makes selling veterinary dentistry much easier."

Dr. Les McCurdy, Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic, Calgary, AB

Great Support

"ViewAll™ Vet software helps us integrate our equipment and allows us to view, diagnose and share radiographs in a uniform and accurate manner for both our large and small animal patients as well as our dental cases. IWV has provided great support to us in helping us integrate their system into our practice."

Dr. Mark Schreiber, Moxey Schreiber Vet Hospital, Sheridan, WY

Excellent Support, Superior Imaging

"Our full-service veterinary hospitals have had great success using IWV's Image-Vet system. We trust in IWV's products and services and know that we can count on them to provide us with excellent support, superior imaging, and products that meet today's standard of technology."

Dr. Adam Cohen, DVM, Southgate Animal Hospital, Sarasota, FL

Recommend Strongly

"We use the Image-Vet from IWV for all of our imaging needs at the North Laurel Animal Hospital. We love the product and feel that it is one that we would recommend strongly to other hospitals."

Andrew Cohn, North Laurel Animal Hospital, Laurel, MD

Valuable Partner

"The Image-Vet by IWV is an invaluable tool for our Veterinary Technician Program. The machine is simple to use and the radiographs we are able to take are amazing. IWV has been a valuable partner and has provided amazing support in educating our students."

Dr. Randy Ackman, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Attentive to Our Needs

“It’s refreshing to have a manufacturer so attentive to our needs. IWV is always there to answer any of our questions and help close sales.”

Beau Pillet, Marketing Manager, Diagnostic Imaging Systems

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