IWV CReco s

IWV Ultra Light Portable X-Ray


  • Perfect for equine, small animal and mixed animal practices, in or out of your clinic
  • Ultra Light model weighs only 25 lbs
  • Battery-powered. Built-in rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
    • Up to 500 exposures on a single charge
  • Powerful
    • 40mA / 100kV
    • 2.4kW High Frequency Generator
  • Small x-ray tube focal spot size produces images with excellent fine detail resolution
  • Bright LED Collimator and integrated dual-laser pointer eliminates guesswork in positioning
  • Flat touch panel user interface and reversible digital display
  • APR Memory settings
    • 7 standard
    • 12 customizable
  • Compatible with IWV Digital X-Ray DR Panels, as well as most other higher quality panels, CR Cassettes or film cassettes
  • Double the warranty of some competitive brands
  •  Includes:
    • Exposure hand switch
    • Custom fitted carrying case to protect your investment
    • Battery charging cord
  • IWV Digital X-Ray Ultra Light Portable X-Ray (Model: PXR-B40-2.4HF)
  • Optional: Mobile Stand


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